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I'm not in the habit of getting asked anything to be honest, I think people prefer knowledgable souls to direct their questions at. I do get them occasionally and so I've listed them here.

Q - Are you really that good looking bloke in the photo?
Most definately. Whatever photo you're looking at I'm probably the guy with no grey hair, no wrinkles, who doesn't wear glasses and looks ultra fit from all the sport and athletics I do.

Q - Can I link to your site?
Most definately. Use the following url, or use the backup url which I can't remember at the moment but is something like or something similar.

Q - I've downloaded your TT 2002 High Res movie but it won't play. Do I need something else?
Most definately. You will need the free DivX codec from

Q - Do you realise you were overtaken by the Purple Helmets on mopeds during your TT 2002 on bike video?
Most definately, and I'm here today to tell the tale.

Q - I'm a six foot blonde with a voracious appetite. I'm sure I met you in a bar the other day. Was it really you?
Most definately, everyone I know I met in a bar. What was your name again?

Q - I heard you had some PL/SQL packages for direct (server side) Dbase to Oracle table creation and data loads, including memo's (DBT, FPT, Comix etc). Is this true?
Most definately. I'll also add support for other formats where file formats are available and time permits.

Q - Will you email me a copy of them?
Hmmm... The packages were based on work by Asktom at - I added the FPT, DBT etc support but I don't know the position in relation to distribution etc.

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