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I have no relation to these sites, other than them being mentioned on here or being places I like to visit.

Huge's Website I strongly recommend you read his alt.tasteless archive, Huge's description of his procedure was the inspiration for me to write about my experience

The Cargo Letter Human error, bad weather and your goods

Isle of Man TT website
Hard hats should be worn

Darwin Awards It would take years to read it all, I'm still persevering

Sports Bike Rider Does it still count if I have to pedal?

Ananova Being an expat, you need somewhere to keep up with the news

Formula 1 Rumour has it they're going to start a kart series for expats to try and get their viewing figures up.

Database Debunkings This might be a bit technical, it's mainly for any Oracle guys who've stumbled over this page.

Snopes Urban Legends If you are on the net you have a duty to educate yourself. Read before forwarding that latest virus email you just got!

Expats in Europe Should you ever decide to make the break, start here

DivX Digest Finally, my name in lights (check out the movies section)

Elated Yep, a plumbers plumbing leaks, a cobblers children go barefoot. Well a programmers homepage often sits bare. My thanks to for some templates which I liked enough to finally put up a proper homepage

Doing my bit If we all did our bit, it wouldn't be such a problem. But then we wouldn't all do our bit so it would be, so then we would and it wouldn't be. You know what I mean

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