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Mad Englishman Productions

The release during June 2002 of Isle of man TT 2002 - one good excuse for a p*** up confirmed Mad Englishman Production's place at the very forefront of dodgy home movies.

Following hot on the heels of some other tat not long after the earlier piece of tat, Mad Englishman Productions is rapidly building up a library of complete tat. For your free subscription to the Tat Library send a cheque for a bottle of Vodka to the webmaster and you will receive the directors cut of each of the archive movies on CD-R. You are encouraged to contact the drunkard here

As a special offer and a thankyou to our loyal movie fans, if you subscribe during this decade we will send you a free custom storage unit for your cherished movie collection.

If you like any of the movies, want to comment or just tell me I ride a bike like your grandma - why not say so in the guestbook

The list follows - in reverse, descending, chronological, release date by quality order within availability. Just like on Amazon.

Movie Released Comments
Team Stoopid May 2008 The worlds first (fastest) tipping camper dragster Transit. Team Stoopid excel at stupidity.
The Loon Rangers July 2004 The only thing that rolled was the camera.
The Odd Couple August 2003 Odd, very very odd. Scenes of nudity and violence are not included.
Birthday Bash August 2002 The only sound of bashing was the drunks hitting the floor. Some unique camera angles in this one
Kart Racing Finale July 2002 The big one. Really. Definately. And that was just the egos
Isle of Man TT 2002 June 2002 Don't forget to keep it in your custom storage unit
Wild Parties December 2001 While the cats away, the mouse fetches his daughter and spend the weekend as a climbing frame
World Tour November 2001 England and the former GDR to be precise. Meet the cast and stars here
Another Strange Movie October 2001 Having failed to crash spectacularly at the first attempt, we went karting again
The Weekend that Was September 2001 It is generally not a good idea to tell the boss's mother dirty jokes at a wedding :-(
Kart Racing August 2001 High power and death defying stunts with 5 HP
Introduction - The Thing August 2001 Having persuaded Ali (boss/leader/chief) to emigrate from the UK, I made her carry the bags. Extreme violence precludes any public showing
The Peaceful Weekend August 2001 Holidays are for relaxing? Not quite....
Weekend at Guenters July 2001 In the interests of Anglo German relations, we went to Guenters and drank all his beer
Isle of Man TT 2001 July 2001 Having perfected the art of tat, we strapped the camera to a motorbike and didn't fall off
Special Interest Movie May 2001 Our first soiree into movie production, and still the best tat to date

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