Bill Magee
27th March 2003

Q. The oracle installer splash screen opens but then closed down with no warning. What's up?
Q. I've heard there are problems running Oracle on P4's, what are they?

I have seen this and variations of this question so many times on the Oracle forums I thought it was time to create a static link to a description of the problem. The problem and it's workaround are so well documented that I do not propose to go into full detail here. Some people on the forums would say that if you can't google for the problem and solution, you probably shouldn't be playing with Oracle. I'll reserve judgement on that one.




The Oracle installer will now run fine. Post installation you can rename all of SYMCJIT.OLD back to SYMCJIT.DLL as it is not used at all by Oracle once installation is complete. If you do rename it back though, some of the Java based Oracle client tools might not work (DBCA for example) but the Oracle server itself is fine. Personally I just leave the files in the .old state, they're not needed by anything that I know of anyway.

More information from Google