Bill Magee
21st Feb 2003


There is a wealth of documentation available for performance tuning on Oracle. Whilst most is aimed at Server optimisation there is also a fair amount related to SQL tuning.

One of the biggest hurdles facing most developers is finding relevant, concise information which they can easily apply to their work. Many of the documents I have found either rely on the developer having more detailed knowledge of the Oracle internals than is necessary or are so detailed that you find yourself wading through reams of pages trying to isolate the information you need. Oracle's own performance tuning documents being a case in point.

I should point out I have no formal background in SQL tuning or producing documents such as this for widespread circulation. I am also 'just a developer', albeit one with an unhealthy fascination for optimisation.

I hope you find the document useful. If you have any comments, critiscisms, observations or items you think should be included, please Email them to me here and watch out for address munging.

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