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I can rant with the best of them (and usually do!), if you've been referred here by an email of mine it is most likely because you forwarded me a virus warning email. Don't take personally what I've written, you are not the first and will without doubt not be the last.

Rants in reverse, anatomical, chronological order by flavour (just like on Amazon).

Virus Warning Emails

Read this before you forward your latest virus warning email to the world

Email Addressing

Email is a poweful tool, it can allow millions of previously unpublishable works to be seen and read by millions

Flying & Airlines

Some people say that flying is akin to be herded like cattle. I have to disagree - herders can't scr*w their cattle for money at every opportunity

I was going to include my Ex-Wife on here but legal advice (and fear for my personal safety) prompted me to take the soft route and pretend she doesn't exist (I've been doing it for years).

If you have a pet hate or rant you'd like included, or feel I should add something - your best bet is probably to email the European Commision. They have laws about this sort of thing and will probably make me add it to this page:-)

If you don't like what you are reading on here, I'm sorry but you're probably on the wrong site. You could try emailing me - I'm always open to discussion, but please don't send the sort of vitriol I've been getting about my movies :-)

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