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What happened when, who said what, to who, in what language, why, for how long, where. Or something like that.

Subject Date Comments
Wedding 05/05/2011 With 20 guests and our passports, we headed to Turkey to get married. A fantastic holiday, wedding and honeymoon.

Scuba Diving 14/08/2010 Wow - an update! It's only been two years since the last one! Scuba Cartoons

Movies 18/05/2008 Mad Englishman Productions once again excel at top tat with Team Stoopid assistance

Movies 19/07/2006 The movies are back online!

Flying & Airlines 04/08/2005 I actually wrote this rant about airlines a couple of years ago, but never got round to posting it on the site

NEW YEAR 04/05 03/01/2005 New year celebrations and general debauchery

MOVIES 23/08/2003 "The Odd Couple" is now available for download

MOVIES 21/03/2003 The movies are back online!

HEALTHY LIVING 16/02/2003 The Boss and I have started a new personal fitness regime. A quick photo diary of our endeavours.

STRIKES & COUNCIL 06/01/2003 Philosphical and thought provoking discussion in the humour section

COLLISION 02/01/2003 Breaking news and graphic pictures of this mid air collision over Alaska. Discretion advised, you may find these images disturbing

HUMOUR 29/12/2002 Someone suggested the site was a bit dark and that I should lighten it up a bit so I've added this humour page

NEWSFLASH 28/12/2002 Given the current festivities, this newsflash which I received today is a must read for all party going males

FAQ and Rants 27/12/2002 I'm slowly recovering from the festivities, and thought I'd use some time to add a FAQ list and my favourite rants

GUESTBOOK 15/12/2002 I've added a guestbook to the site. At the moment it's empty. Why not be the first to abuse^g^g^g^g^g sign it :-), go on, I know you want to.

TT 2002 MOVIE 14/12/2002 A few people have mentioned to me that Sports Bike Rider are no longer hosting the TT 2002 Movie. You can still find versions of it available for download in the updated movies section on this site.

THE QUICK BEER 01/11/2002 I've decided to come clean and tell the story of my leg. So many people were asking anyway, it's a bit embarassing and a bit personal (it's also quite long and boring) but hey - it happens to us all. If you want to skip the long, drawn out introduction you might jump straight in at the deep end

NEW SITE 29/10/2002 Aer Lingus are full and prices have gone a bit silly. I was planning to get back to Ireland today but it looks like it won't happen. With the unexpected free time I've finally put up a reasonable site.

TT 2002 MOVIE 09/07/2002 David at Sports Bike Rider has kindly offered some space and bandwidth for the High Res movie. While you�re at the site, please take some time to vote for them. You�ll find the movie amongst some other good movie clips in the video section.

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